Sava Centar, Belgrade

20-24th November 2023


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DSC Europe 23 is the largest conference focused on AI & Data Science. It brings together 3000+ most influential and knowledgeable experts and professionals in the industry for a three-day LIVE event full of networking, discussion, panels, business opportunities, and life-long learning. 500 greatest AI & Data minds will be talking about more than 70 trending topics. That is more than 350 hours of high-quality program!

As part of DSC Europe 23, we are hosting 5 Co-located events, each dedicated to specific industries and their unique requirements: Cryptica, Pandora, DigiHealth, AI:CSI, and AIcommerce. These events offer you an exclusive chance to learn from industry experts, gain valuable insights, and connect with fellow professionals who share your interests.

Our goal is to provide our attendants with valuable insights and the latest trends regarding the rapidly growing industry of AI & Data Science.

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This conference is not limited to only data scientists or those directly involved in AI. The conference is designed for a diverse range of professions and individuals who are interested in or work with AI and data-related fields. Here are some of the key individuals who should attend:

  • Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and AI Specialists:

    If you work directly in the field of data science or AI, this conference is a must-attend to stay updated on the latest trends and advancements.
  • Team Leads and Managers:

    Whether you lead a data science team or are responsible for managing AI and ML projects, DSC Europe provides valuable insights and strategies to enhance your leadership skills and drive successful projects.
  • Executive and C-Level Professionals:

    Executives in banking, telecom, high tech, biotech, energy, logistics, supply chain, retail, IT, marketing, e-commerce, and business services can greatly benefit from attending the conference. You will gain a deeper understanding of how AI and data science can impact your industry and drive business success.
  • Government, Researchers, and Academia Officials:

    This conference provides an opportunity for government officials, researchers, and academic professionals to learn about the latest advancements in AI and data science and explore potential collaborations.
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DSC Europe 23 Schedule


“Top Voices & Experts in AI + Data”

During 3 live days of the event, in 3 parallel session you will get a chance to listen to
12 worldwide keynotes, who are reshaping the world of AI & over 150 speakers on 18 AI & Data topics.

DSC Europe is the perfect place where you may find “all-in-one” access – covering the topics
that professionals, business & academia is interested in.


“Embrace AI in your Business”

DSC : X is newly created service dedicated for executives,decision makers & team/tech leads.
We have created specially crafted program with 6 tracks over 3 days, which will help you & your company to unlock the full power of the AI Technology.


“Elevate your career through Life-long learning”

During 2 virtual pre-days of the event, we are going organise over 60 tech tutorials for our attendees. Tech tutorials are an on-hand training/workshop type of event. There are 3 types of Tech Tutorials: Library Demonstration, Tool Showcase & Career Path.

Every attendee of DSC Europe 23 will have an opportunity to attend multiple Tech Tutorials.


"Join the Crowd"

In the past 10 years of organizing DSC Events we have seen that some industries have a very strong niche, and because of this – people who are involved with AI & Data don’t recognise themselves as “per se” part of the joint ecosystem. Still, they are valuable part of global AI & Data movement.
Instead of pursuing a high-quality program by ourselves we have joined our efforts with a recognisable organization who have strong domain knowledge to create an additional value for the conference attendees.
Every attendee of DSC Europe 23 will have an access to all co-located events.
This year we are going to have 8+ Co-located events, with over 150 speakers in total.


"Learn about Newest & Latest trends"

Breakout sessions are specially designed sessions that cover a certain topic in depth. They last 1.5h to 3h and can be attended by maximum of 40 people. Perfect opportunity to find peers who are involved or developing new ideas in the area of Breakout Session topic. Breakout sessions will be happening in parallel with the main program and co-located events.
Every attendee of DSC Europe 23 will have a possibility to save a seat for Breakout Session.
This year we are going to organise more than 21 Breakout session.