DSC Europe 2021 is a hybrid event dedicated to Data & AI. We will show you how through innovation with data & AI you may transform your organization, which is leading us into the next industry revolution.

    During the Conference you will be able to attend high-quality Tech Tutorials, listen to distrupive talks delivered by world-class experts & to follow our specially created Data Discussions.

    This Conference is part of the Data Science Conference franchise, which is one of the leading Franchises dedicated to Data Science & AI worldwide.

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    DSC Europe 2021 Speakers

    We have a history of bringing and maintaining good relationships with high-level and high-quality speakers. For our attendees we provide the best worldwide speakers.

    Every year our team & Program Ambassadors are looking forward to creating unique program for our attendees. Our carefully designed program brings together businesses, data professionals, activists, government, academia & data enthusiasts. Program of the Conference consist from Tech Tutorials, Talks & Data Discussion. Some of the topics we are going to cover are:

    Why attend DSC Europe 2021

    In the past 12 months, the world has changed dramatically like never before in modern history. Collaboration between industries and interdisciplinary studies has become essential in securing the future of World. With the latest development of disruptive technologies - staying relevant is not anymore possible without serious investments in Advanced Analytics, Data Science & AI. Main reason to join us on DSC Europe 2021 are:

    DSC Europe 2021 will be happening from November 21st-25th, live in Belgrade and virtually, on our offical platform. It will consist of Tech Tutorials, Live Talks & Discussions and DSC Europe 2021: Open Day. Timeline of Virtual and Live happening may be found below:

    DSC Europe 2021 Timeline

    DSC Europe 2021 attendees will learn how to innovate their processes & products, transform and revolutionize their organisation using data & AI. They will hear from worldwide experts about:

    • Use cases of transformational AI in traditional markets
    • Latest trends in the application of data science
    • Success cases of Data-Driven Digital Transformation
    • How AI is transforming the nature of jobs
    • AI in Industry 5.0: Computer Vision, Chatbots, Robotics, Smart cities
    • How to use augmented Analytics to improve decision making processes
    • Latest academy innovation & research involving Data
    • How to prepare Data & AI Products for monetization
    • How to implement Data Protection protocols
    • How to implement Ethical AI in the organisation

    Conference Talks

    We provide only the best to our attendees, from carefully chosen speakers and an amazing venue to the whole data experience, we’ve got it all covered for you!

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