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    If you asked yourself “Why should I attend DSC Europe 2020?” - you are in the right place. We will answer this question to you and give you possible answers on how to get your Personalised DSC Europe ticket.


    Data Science Conference Europe is one of a kind event happening in the Data & AI world. You can always expect something not seen before at DSC.

    Enjoy High-Quality Program

    During the 5 days you will get a chance to listen to over 100 speakers & 13 Worldwide Keynotes. If you are not available to dedicate 5 days at once - don’t worry. You will be able to follow up on over 300+ hours of DSC Europe 2020 materials on your personalised profile.

    Never Stop Learning

    During the 2 days, on November 15-16th you will get a chance to take a seat in over 40 Virtual Tech Tutorials. And did we say that all video records of the Tech Tutorials will be available for our attendees, after the Conference is finished on our personalised platform?

    Meet New People

    Structure of our attendees is 59% Data Professionals, 22% Decision Makers & 12% Researchers & Academy representatives. You will get a chance to meet with 1000 Virtual Attendees and over 10.000 participants during DSC Europe 2020: Open Day.

    Follow New Trends

    You will get a chance to listen in depth topics such as Quantum ML, Ethical AI, Computational Art, Building Data & AI products, but also the latest trends in NLP, Robotics, Computer Vision, Decision Intelligence, Big Data, Bias Detection and others!

    Experience DSC Vibe

    Algoarts, AI-generated jamming sessions, AI-games, virtual networking - that is how we created a DSC unique place, unique vibe, and unique feeling. We have over 30% return rate for our speakers and tutors. So far we had over 400 Data & AI experts taking on DSC.

    Became part of Community

    We are Tech-first grassroot Conference and value-driven. Our community has over 5.000 unique persons, 400 companies, 40 communities and 30 academic institutions. Join us and become a part of the fastest growing Data & AI community in Europe!


    There is a few ways how you may obtain your DSC Europe ticket:

    - Ask your company to buy you a ticket
    Many companies have a separate budget for the conferences and for employee education. Because Free Tech Tutorials spots are included in ticket price - you may ask your team lead or manager that company cover. If you need any help with this look into guide “How to convince my manager to cover my Data Science Conference attendance” or contact us on for any kind of help or advice.

    - Buy the ticket by yourself
    If you need to do something right - do it yourself. If you need to invest in someone, invest in yourself. If you need to be on one Data & AI event this year, be on Data Science Conference.

    Money invested in DSC Europe 2020 will come back to you in the available education & networking. Did you know that 300 hours of a program is equivalent to the 1 year? Basically, that means that you may get one year of tuition in the price of the ticket. Also, ticket price is very affordable - 100 euros per Personalised ticket.
    Did you know that we are the fastest growing Data & AI community in Europe - with over 50% growth rate for the last four year? Get a chance to meet with

    - Apply for DSC Europe 2020: Open Day Ticket or Like & follow us on social media for some of the giveaways
    You already have a ticket? Still follow us for some interesting rewards, or, maybe you can win another one which you may give as a gift to someone close to you.

    - Apply to become a speaker or a tutor at the Data Science Conference
    If you are professional, don’t miss this perfect opportunity to become. Not only that you will get a full access to DSC Europe 2020 materials and experience we provide to our attendees - but you will get a chance to become part of an exclusive club of our Data & AI experts - vast network that consist from over 400 Data & AI professionals.
    Did you know that return-rate of our speakers and tutors is above 30%? That is not a chance. Once you come to the DSC Europe event - you will like to come again.

    Change the world through data

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