Become a part of the biggest Data Science conference in CE & SEE!
Deadline for applicants is 31 August.

Join the biggest Data Science Conference in CE & SEE and meet more than a 1000 data scientists from all around the world!

DSC/4.0 Crew invites you to become a part of our team by applying to Volunteer at the Conference! As a part of our team your role will be to help things run smoothly - from the first steps someone takes as we welcome them, and as long as they stay, we should provide a premium experience.
Join us by filling out the form* before August 31 and expect our email a few days after the deadline. Don’t miss out, there’s only a limited number of volunteers we’ll be accepting!

* You will have the opportunity to tell us when you will be able to work (which days) and what you would like to do in the form (which team)

Your responsibility will be that attendee gets their nametag and welcome package as they set their foot to the conference. It’s their first encounter with us so you’re best suited if you can smile keep being polite as a 1000 people pass through our gates.

You will be the person everyone will ask questions when they get lost. It’s a great position for all of those who like answering a LOT of questions but can be very polite in doing so.
Your job will be to help a little bit here and a little bit there. As we call you, you’ll need to show up and help out. There’s always a need for people who are flexible and can do many things, so if this is you, join the team!
You will get a chance to listen to top-notch talks and the opportunity to meet all the speakers in person - while helping with organisation. Your job will be dynamic, ‘cause you will be in touch with other program support team members from other tracks, making sure that no track is overcrowded.
Technical Tutorials will happen on the days leading up to the conference (15 - 17 September) and you will be needed to assist our attendees in anything they need. While helping, you will be able to attend the tutorials and get a chance to learn about the newest technology and concepts in the field of Data Science.

Nature of work

The Conference consists of 2 conference days and 3 days before when Technical Tutorials will be held as well as when all the preparation for the conference will happen. All Volunteers will be invited to the team meetings (in the week before the conference) and will need to attend to get to know the conference and the way it will work. On 17.9. all Volunteer Teams will need to be at the hotel Hyatt Regency Belgrade to do the last preps and learn how to navigate the space.

On the weekend of 15.9. and 16.9. as well as on 17.9. we will be organizing Technical Tutorials in the Scientific and Technology Park in Belgrade and you will be needed to assist us in guiding attendees and helping them have a pleasant experience.

On 13.9. and 14.9. we will be preparing the welcome packages and other logistical things for the conference and all volunteers will be invited to join this activity as we will need all the help we can get.

On 18 and 19 September is when the Conference happens and we’ll need you full time! You’ll have your position and job description and we’ll be ready to roll! If you apply to be an All-Arounder you’ll be going through and learning about all the aspects of the conference.

Who we are looking for and what you’ll get

We are looking for :

  • Hard working and motivated
  • Polite, positive and trustworthy
  • Able to work in a team
  • Communicative
  • Punctual and stress-resistant
  • Fluent in English

What you’ll get :

  • Full Access to the conference : talks, VIP lounge and networking party
  • Practical Experience : in organizing a huge international event
  • Networking : opportunity to network with the biggest companies in Serbia and Europe
  • Certificate : you’ll receive a certificate that you have volunteered at DSC/4.0
  • Refreshments : snacks, food and refreshments during the event

Our volunteering programs give you the chance to attend the conference for free and enjoy the benefits of a full pass. For any questions and requests regarding the volunteer team, please contact: dsc.volunteer@isn.rs

Applications are now closed