Data Discussions

With the rapid development of data science as well as the great need that exists in the labor market, there is a growing difference between the academy and the economy. For the further development of data science, there is a need for greater communication, understanding and cooperation between these two pillars (parts). This discussion panel will cover the following topics :

- industry expectations to the academy, as well as the academy's to the industry;
- what are the points where the academy and the industry are connecting and where they are disagreed;
- what are the topics where industry and academia make a fast-win cooperation and what are the possible solutions for the future;

The panel would be attended by representatives of the economy and academy from Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. Outcomes of the panel discussion should be call-for-action on regional level, additional follow-up events that should continue to close this gap and joint ventures between academia and business.

Panelists :

Ivan Lukovic, Full Proffesor, University of Novi Sad
Sven Loncaric, Head of Computer Vision Center, University of Zagreb
Sasa Radovanovic, Data Science & CLM Team Leader, B2B Telenor
Drazen Orescanin, President of Board, Poslovna Inteligencija
Erik Stumbelj, Assistant Professor, University of Ljubljana
Boris Cergol, CEO, Ektimo

Room : Nikola Tesla
Date : September 18
The data market occupies an increasing share in the market. The market for data monetization is expected to expand to reach US$ 708.86 Bn by 2025 at a CAGR of 21.4% during the forecast period. Still, we got an impression that data market isn’t developing as much as it can in Serbia. Partly this is a global trend due lack of data maturity of the companies, through still . Within this panel we will try to answer the following questions:

- what are the setbacks & bottlenecks that are currently slowing down data monetisation and data transformation processes?
- Is there any potential for joint ventures from company and public sector that can boost our data market?
Desired outcome is this panel discussion to have a concrete set of actions that can be implemented right now and in the foreseeable future, so we can fully utilize the data market in Serbia.

Panelists :

Nemanja Cerovac, Chief Product Officer, Santiment
Leo Mrsic, Academic Entrepreneur, Algebra Lab
Aleksandar Bijelic, Chief Digital Officer, MK Group
Goran Slijepcevic, Key Account Manager, Comtrade

Room : Mihailo Pupin
Date : September 18
The fact is that there is a huge space for DS implementation in practice. Also, the fact is that the culture of application of Data Analytics in many companies remains at a low level. Processes are often not sufficiently well institutionalised, "immature", information management is reduced to the coverage and use of operational data and there is a lack of that valuable upgrade that would bring the company into the field of DS application in order to generate data values. Companies do not have the knowledge, nor the capacity, how to use the data to get the company's knowledge or get the value generated from these data.

As part of this panel discussion, we will try to answer the second question :

- How to raise company's maturity level to become ready for implementation of Data Science projects?
- How Data Science positions are interpreted and understood in companies & why and how to increase Data Science HR capabilities in companies?

Outcome of this panel discussion should be call-for-action for companies.

Panelists :

Milos Borenovic, Sr. Director of Engineering, TeleSign
Marko Vasiljevski, Global Data Science Lead, JATO Dynamics
Zana Pekmez, Manager, Accenture
Srdjan Santic, Senior Data Scientist, LimundoGrad

Room : Nikola Tesla
Date : September 19
When we talk about high-impact data, it goes without saying that Geospatial Data is the one. As part of the base registers, there is a high demand from the community for open geospatial data, to be able to put just about any other piece of data on the map. With open geospatial data, we get better stories and we could influence policies by creating visually compelling maps. But it’s not only maps, is it? So, what is the true potential behind Geospatial Data? The discussion panel will cover the following topics:

Impact of geospatial data on society and economy;
Address data and its high re-use value.

The panel will be attended by the representatives of the governmental bodies in charge for geospatial data and experts from Serbia, France, Denmark and United Kingdom. Outcome of the panel discussion should be a great insight into the experience of countries which successfully went through the process of releasing open geospatial data, for future Serbian venture in this area.

Panelists :

Chris Chambers, Geospatial Policy Lead, Ordnance Survey

Room : Mihailo Pupin
Date : September 19