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    Tech tutorial is a workshop type of event. We have planned that Tech Tutorial last 3 hours. For this year we have planned to organise 70 Tech Tutorials.

    Number of participants on Tech Tutorial can vary from 15 to 25 participants.

    For residents outside of the Republic of Serbia, we have planned to organise Tech Tutorials on the 17th or 18th of November.

    There are three types of tech tutorials: career path, library demonstration or tool showcase. Career path is focused on specific parts of data science, such as programming skills, math & statistics or applied domain knowledge. Library demonstration is related to the exact library and how to use it in specific industry. Tool showcase is focused to show the ability of specific tool in predefined environment.

    Level of Tech Tutorial can be beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Think about how much experience is needed for your tech tutorial to be followed as such.

    Related industries is field in which you should put from which industries will datasets and practical examples be covered in your tech tutorial.

    You may find the detailed guide for tutors application here.


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