Working in a Data Science StartUp - Milos Milovanovic Interview

Danica Bozin, Serbia

Marketing Manager at Data Science Conference / 4.0
Physics student

This time we’re presenting the interview with Milos Milovanovic working at Things Solver, a company that is one of our partners this year as well! Things Solver is an Advanced Analytics and Engineering company located in Belgrade, Serbia. They are operating worldwide and they do everything that is data related - ETLs, Data Transformation, Predictive modeling and implementing all those solutions. Most of their models are scalable and require Big Data Architecture to support the business.

Milos and his team at Things Solver mostly work on solutions in Finance, Retail and Telecommunications at various levels of project implementation. For example, in Telco they do network optimization based on data using Machine Learning, and experts use this data to decide which equipment to invest in. In retail they put their efforts in analyzing offline and online data for CRM solutions, and with it they help clients to sell more. Apart from the open source solutions they are a SAS Partner, which is an enterprise software that they support. As the company was created they were doing mostly consulting and sharing their technical expertise, Milos shares, but as time went by they had begun working on tangible products and are currently creating a CRM solution.

Most Important Trends in Data Science

Milos thinks that the most interesting are the ones from which the whole humanity can benefit. Simply put, using analytics and analytical models can help us make better decisions that can improve our lives. He gives an example of agriculture, where we could mix IOT sensors and fast networks that could transfer the data in real time and then use analytics to optimize food production. The data can also be used to minimise the effects of climate change and so on. Another trend Milos pointed out to was open data, it is fun and popular because everyone can use it to help improve the quality of living.

Where are the limits to data science?

“The sky is the limit!” :)

Even though Milos truly thinks that there is no limit to what we could do with the data, he thinks it needs to be treated properly. He goes on to explain that there needs to be an ethical framework in place to be able to treat data correctly. People always worry about their personal data so we should ensure that our clients’ data is well protected. Because the world is moving so fast regulations are a bit slower to arrive, but our interviewee says they are being made and will be enforced soon.

What is the Next Big Thing in Data Science

Besides the neural networks that are extremely popular, and many kinds of artificial intelligence, the time has come where we can actually implement AI to software in everyday use, Milos points out. As he mentioned before, he thinks using analytics and the data that we already have to improve our lives, is one of the best investments as it will return manyfold in the future – reducing poverty, climate change and other big problems.

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