Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) help us?
- Martin Rugfelt Interview

Danica Bozin, Serbia

Marketing Manager at Data Science Conference / 4.0,
Physics student

“It's going to be interesting to see how society deals with artificial intelligence, but it will definitely be cool.”
- Colin Angle

Last week we presented the interview with Dr Ivan Lukovac about the way that data science can be introduced to universities. This time with us we have a keynote speaker from DSC/3.0, Marting Rugfelt, Founder and CEO of Sentian.ai. Sentian.ai provides solutions for large companies about predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, optimisation and more. We discussed a lot of fun things about AI and its future.

Will AI help save the world

Martin believes that AI has a huge potential but that it also has its drawbacks. He thinks that it will create fertile land for new ideas and tools that weren’t possible before, and those that were too complicated for humans alone to solve - such as environmental problems. An example would be that we are going to automate a lot of boring jobs that people shouldn’t be doing and that will cause a huge amount of people to lose their jobs. But at the same time, it will open up new, more creative jobs and people will have to evolve to meet the new market. It will be hard but this new landscape might end up being better for everyone, hopefully we’ll live to see it.

Examples of real world applications of AI

It seems that every aspect of our lives will be changed by AI. Martin emphasized the huge change in retailing, specially when AI was applied to recommendations and how it allowed people to become really creative with it. Natural language processing, image recognition and optimisation are all helping to better market products that aren’t frequently bought, and we're doing very innovative things with retailing says Martin.

What’s it like to sell your company to E-bay?

“Firstly, building a startup is hard work and you need to be tenacious to succeed, but you also need to differentiate yourself from the rest of the world.” He goes on to say that when you have managed to get your company off the ground, when it’s already providing value, you then need to find someone to sell it to, which can be a task in itself. Afterwards, when you have found someone interested in you and willing to pay, you need to agree on a ton of things about the acquisition.

What keeps you motivated to stay in this field?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.”
- Arthur C. Clarke

Martin was always interested in the latest trends in technology. He worked in web development, mobile apps, mobile payment but he sees that AI is going to stay relevant in the future and that it will just keep developing itself. AI is one of the fields that will keep evolving and having bigger impact as we develop it further, and that’s why Martin thinks it’s an interesting area to work in!

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