Danica Bozin, Serbia

Marketing Assistant at Data Science Conference / 3.0,
Physics student

Data Science Conference / 3.0 is coming up in less than a week and it is high time to start preparing for it! We all feel the excitement when a big event is just around the corner, but we aren’t always sure what to expect. You will find an answer to this question and many more in this article that we’ve prepared for you.

This year, we have made a tremendous leap forward from the previous editions, and decided to make DSC 3.0 an international event that will rally data enthusiast and data scientist from all across the globe. From talks and amazing keynote speakers to discussions, workshops and networking - we’ve covered it all!


When thinking about a conference we always want to organize ourselves first and check the schedule. You can find ours here. This year, we are offering three parallel tracks on each day so you have many talks and discussions to choose from. You should create your own personal schedule which will reflect your interests the most but don’t miss out on our keynote speakers either!

If you are one of the many students or data enthusiasts we are welcoming at the Conference this year, check out our Academics Track which will cover topics such as - how to become a data scientist and where to get your education, but feel free to explore other talks by some of the senior speakers in the field and get interested in an array of topics encompassed by data science.

If you are a business owner, an entrepreneur or any kind of a professional outside of the field but you are interested in how to get into it or how to apply data science to your company, get familiar with the many blocks we’ve prepare for you such as in Data Monetization or AI&ML tracks.

In the end, if you are an IT or data scientist, junior or senior, and you’d like to expand your professional experience, there are plenty of directions you can take. Maybe take a few tracks from each and see what you like best!
Make sure to plan ahead because of all the blocks happening in parallel you may miss something that is important to you.


One of the key features of a conference is its networking potential. You will be surrounded by many of the industries specialist with extensive experience in the field. Use this time to talk to them, ask for their advice or just congratulate them for finishing a successful talk, who doesn’t love appreciation!

You can check out our speakers on the website and see if any of them are already working in the field you might be interested in. Then, you may prepare clear questions about your concerns or about their experience. When you have all the questions ready, you don’t waste time thinking about it on the spot and you’ll also be less nervous about using the little time you have with such people in a good way.

Let’s face it, we all get nervous about what successful people could ask us if we approach them and if we’ll know the answer. First, if you prepare clear answers to what you do, in advance, these people will understand where you’re coming from and will be able to answer your questions in a direct manner and won’t make you feel uncomfortable. Secondly, no one wants to waste their time, so think about the reasons you are approaching them. Wanting to meet them and hear about their experience first hand is ok, as long as you are clear about it.

Apart from the speakers, you’ll be able to talk to 15 of our company partners, 7 faculties as academic partners and 30 supporting partners from from 11 countries of SEE & CE whose representatives will be present at the event. Don’t forget that participants are as valuable as the people on stage, since they are just like you. Sharing common experience with these people may prove to be valuable as you may find out that, you’re just one of many of us wanting to become data scientist and that’s why we’re here. You never know what good things you can get out of it.

We encourage you to stop and talk with our partners who will have their stands at the conference. They have made this Conference possible and all of them are doing interesting things in the field of Data Science. They are also preparing a lot of gifts for you, so drop by and get some more or say thank you! You may even find that some prepared amazing and fun activities for you to try!


If you are accepted to one of our two free workshops which will happen during the Conference in Holiday Inn hotel and you’ll actually be able to get some hands on experience in data science! Our partners from Enetel Solutions and TeleSign have prepared some interesting exercises for you to try and dive deeper into the data science field! We hope you’ll enjoy it and will get to experience, even for just a few hours, what it’s like to be a data scientist!


As you can see, we’ve got a lot of things here for you, but we didn’t even get to mention it all! We will have a networking event after the first day where you will get a chance to talk in a relaxed atmosphere with everyone involved in making this event great, and you’ll get to have everything you need throughout the day - coffee, food and we’re even getting fresh fruit for you! We had you in mind when creating this event and we hope you’ll have everything you need and just a bit more :)

We can’t wait to welcome you at the conference and we hope that you’re excited almost as much as we are! See you very soon!